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What Glasses Frames Never Go Out of Style?

woman wearing black cat eye glasses

Are you looking for timeless glasses that never go out of fashion? Here’s a rundown of the most classic looks that have withstood the test of time.


Aviator sunglasses, invented for pilots in the 1930s and popularized in the 1970s, have made a resurgence in the 2020s but have never really gone out of style. The updated version of the aviator frame has thinner frames for a lighter feel. Look for modern takes with variations in lens tints, including the aviator style in non-tinted prescription eyeglasses.

Cat eye

A style that hearkens back to old Hollywood, the cat-eye frame is a vintage style that’s always in vogue and never grows boring. These classic glasses frames come in varying sizes to enhance any face shape. Metal and jewel accents add a touch of spice for those who enjoy a more glamorous look. Simple solid-colour or classic tortoiseshell frames give the cat-eye frame an evergreen sophistication.


Rectangular frames transcend gender and fast-fashion trends. The shape lends itself both to discreet functional frames as well as it does to bold statement looks. Whether it’s the 1950s, the 1990s or the 2020s, the rectangular frame is timeless while at the same time conveying a hip edge.


The marble effect of tortoiseshell rims evokes classic elegance with a hint of drama. Although current frames are made of acetate, tortoiseshell as an eyeglass rim material dates back to the 1920s, when designers used the shells of real tortoises as embellishment. Today’s fashion-forward wearers of tortoiseshell depart from the classic black and brown marbling, infusing shades like ivory, pink or blue into the mix.


You could argue they’re rectangular frames, but the Wayfarer design is so distinct it warrants its own category. The original Wayfarer was launched by Ray-Ban in 1952 and has been photographed on such icons as President Kennedy in the 1960s, Tom Cruise and Madonna in the 1980s and more recently on Leonard DiCaprio in the 2000s. The unique trapezoidal lens shape is now available from many brands.


Generically referred to as the brow line rim, you might consider the Clubmaster, another Ray-Ban design, a gender-neutral take on the cat-eye rim. The bolder, darker rim at the brow line balances a thin lower half in a metallic or light neutral colour to create a sophisticated, impactful look for men or women. Because of its distinctive detailing, have a professional fit this design to your face so that the upper rim hits your brow line correctly.

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