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What to Look for When Buying Children’s Glasses

mother buying glasses with her daughter

Needing glasses for the first time can be difficult to accept at any age, but children can have an extra challenging time if they are worried about teasing and other reactions from their peers. However, with the right pair that matches your child’s personality, needs, and style, getting glasses for the first time will be like child’s play.


What to Consider When Shopping for Kids Glasses

In addition to finding a colour and style of children’s glasses that your child will love to wear, consider the following when buying glasses for kids.


Size: Most children under the age of 12 will require kid-size glasses that will fit their faces and ears correctly while providing comfort, proper vision correction, and durable materials. The middle of your child’s lenses must be aligned with the pupils, so a proper size and fit is important.


Frame Materials: Your kid’s glasses should be tough and resistant to bumps, falls, and a variety of play-time activities. A light material such as titanium offers a comfortable frame choice, especially for kids with sensitive skin or allergies. An anti-allergic coating can also be added to your child’s frames. Spring hinges are an added feature to many children’s glasses that help keep them from breaking.


Frame Comfort: Glasses should not exert any pressure anywhere. A licensed optician can point out comfortable kid’s frame options and adjust them as required. Sport temples and a large nose bridge are often the most comfortable options for small children’s glasses.


Lenses: High-index polycarbonate lenses are light, impact- and scratch-resistant, and more comfortable than regular plastic lenses. They also offer UV protection like kid’s sunglasses but without the tinting.


If you want tinting, but not a second pair glasses, transition lenses are an option. These lenses automatically change from clear to dark and back to clear as your child goes inside and out. They come in a variety of colours and intensities and are great for easy summer and winter eye protection from bright sun and reflections.


Anti-reflective and other coatings can be added onto your kid’s glasses lenses. Ask your local optician about them. 


Warranty: No matter how robust your pair of children’s glasses is, opting for the warranty coverage is encouraged, especially if your child is very young or very active. Most warranties for kid’s glasses cover accidental damage or breakage to your frames or lenses.  


Having a backup pair: Take advantage of our promotions, including Canada’s largest 2-for-1 offer on prescription eyewear. Having a second pair as a backup can come in handy, especially if your child is likely to break or lose their glasses, or if their prescription is so high that your child could not function without their glasses.


Kid’s Sunglasses & Sports Glasses: Depending on your child’s age and favourite activities, a pair of prescription kid’s sunglasses or sports glasses might be a good idea. The latter tend to be lightweight and offer better protection from balls, elbows, and the like.  


Find a Large Selection of Children’s Glasses

At solis optics we have a frame for every face. Shop our selection in one of our stores in Vancouver, Burlington, Dundas or Surrey, or at a partner location across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Our licensed opticians will be happy to help you and your child find the perfect pair of children’s eyewear that they’ll love wearing no matter where they are or what they’re doing. 


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