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Luxury Designer Eyewear and Sunglasses


Luxury Eyewear and Designer Sunglasses

solis optics is your gateway to a world of luxury eyewear. Offering an exquisite selection of men’s and women’s designer sunglasses, frames, and prescription eyewear, we provide a premium experience combining fashion and elegance.

For the latest selection of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses, visit one of our solis optics stores or partner locations to find your next frame.

Our 2-for-1 Designer Eyewear Promotion

At solis optics, we have amazing deals on the latest designer frames like our 2-for-1 promotion. When you purchase a pair of luxury frames, you’ll receive a designer pair for free. We also have a Luxury Multipair offer, which lets you enjoy $200 off your second pair of luxury frames.

From Cartier to Yves Saint Laurent, solis optics has a wide range of refined options to suit your discerning tastes. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve.

women wearing Chloe designer sunglasses

Our Designer Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Brands

As an authorized dealer of renowned brands, solis optics guarantees the authenticity and quality of every pair of eyewear we sell. Here’s an overview of some of the luxury and designer brands we carry:

  • Cartier. Every pair of Cartier designer eyewear is a masterpiece, radiating elegance, sophistication and a perfect blend of innovation and tradition. The brand's iconic style is characterized by sleek lines, graceful curves and a timeless appeal.

  • Lindberg. Lindberg frames are like artwork, crafted with high-quality materials and designed to make a statement. The brand's unique and visually striking designs provide a long-lasting combination of elegance and function.

  • DITA. Renowned for its precision, style, comfort and quality. Each pair of DITA frames is a testament to the brand's commitment to refined sophistication, elegance and individuality.

  • Maybach. Offering the ultimate luxury experience, Maybach eyewear is handmade with prized materials embodying the brand's legendary image. Incorporating design elements from Mercedes-Maybach automobiles, each frame is a piece of art.

  • Ray-Ban. Timeless, classic and irresistibly cool, Ray-Ban eyewear has been a style leader for years.

  • CELINE. Both stylish and functional, the CELINE collection of fashion and athletic eyewear is meticulously crafted with a keen attention to detail.

  • Tom Ford. Recognized for its unconventional design concepts, utilization of premium materials and a striking blend of classic and contemporary sensibilities, Tom Ford eyewear exudes sophistication and fashion-forward flair.

  • Gucci. Handmade in Italian workshops with the highest quality materials, Gucci’s haute couture eyewear reflect the brand’s creative sense and avant-garde vision.

  • Maui Jim. Earning the Skin Cancer Foundation’s recommendation, Maui Jim’s premium polarized sunglasses offer exceptional sun protection and clarity in stylish Hawaiian-inspired designs.

  • Versace. Versace eyewear stands out for its bold patterns, Medusa motifs, baroque esthetics and metal mesh. Each frame has a provocative appeal that's sure to turn heads.

  • Yves Saint Laurent. Chic and edgy, Yves Saint Laurent eyewear has an effortless vibe that combines classic shapes and premium materials with iconic yet refined designs.

  • Chloé. Known for feminine, bohemian frame designs with a distinct Parisian panache, Chloé eyewear exudes fun, fashion and modernity.

  • Tiffany & Co. Inspired by the brand’s iconic luxury jewelry collections, Tiffany & Co. offers timeless, elegant eyewear that will make you stand out from the crowd.

solis optics also carries luxury frames from Montblanc, Polaroid, Mykita, Superflex, Thom Browne, Victoria Beckham, Longchamp, Puma, and more.

Visit Our Luxury Eyewear Boutiques and Stores

If you’re an eyewear connoisseur who wants a store offering a personalized shopping experience, you need solis optics. We have a diverse range of designer eyewear options, including luxury sunglasses, to leave you breathless. Rest assured, you’ll get nothing less than the best for your eyes.

Ready to explore the world of luxury eyewear? Visit a location near you today to start shopping.

Our Brands

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