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How to Tell if Cartier Sunglasses Are Real

closeup of woman wearing Cartier sunglasses

Cartier sunglasses and glasses have become coveted fashion statements for those who appreciate the finer things in life. If you’re in the market for Cartier eyewear, it’s crucial to distinguish between genuine pieces and imitations. Here’s how to authenticate Cartier glasses.

  • Etched logo on the lenses. Genuine Cartier glasses come with precise and finely etched logos on each lens. Fakes will often have screen print logos. Run your finger over the stamp and feel for texture which indicates the real deal.

  • Check the bridge and nose pieces. Cartier glasses have many tiny details. The bridge, for example, should have the bridge measurement and the model number stamped into the gold. Also, look for the Cartier logo stamped on the inside of each of the nose pieces.

  • Check the temple. Cartier uses gold temples on its eyewear, with the Cartier signature and the word “Paris” stamped on the inside. The temple insert should be perfectly centred and flush on the arms. The metal shouldn’t be tarnished or discoloured.

  • Look for the signature. The Cartier signature and seven-digit serial number are located on the inside frame of all their glasses. You can use the serial number to authenticate the glasses.

  • Ask for the authenticity card. Cartier glasses and sunglasses come with a hard leather case, a cleaning cloth and an authenticity guarantee card.

  • Buy from an official retailer. To ensure authenticity, purchase Cartier eyewear from authorized retailers. Authorized dealers provide authenticity guarantee cards and ensure you receive genuine products.

Are Cartier Glasses Made With Real Gold?

Yes, authentic Cartier glasses are often crafted with real gold. Cartier is renowned for its use of premium materials, including 18-karat gold, to create exquisite frames. The temples, nose pieces and bridge pieces on Cartier eyewear often feature this luxurious touch.

Why Are Cartier Glasses Called Buffs?

Cartier glasses are often referred to as “Buffs,” or “Buffies,” because of the material used in some of their arms — specifically, the horns of domesticated Asian and South American water buffalo. These buffalo horn frames are prized for their natural variations in colour and pattern, making each pair of glasses truly one-of-a-kind.

Why Are Cartier Sunglasses So Expensive?

Expect to pay around $1,000 for a typical pair of Cartier glasses, although there are some available in the $600 range. This high price tag reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and luxury. Cartier also invests heavily in design innovation and craftsmanship, and the brand’s iconic status further contributes to the high price tag. If someone is offering you a pair of Cartier glasses for a bargain, it’s likely a knock-off.

Authentic Cartier Glasses and Sunglasses

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