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How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Cold Winter Weather

woman wearing sunglasses outdoors in winter weather

With winter approaching, it’s a good time to remember that your eyes are at risk from exposure to UV rays at all times of the year. To keep your eyes in their best condition through the cold months ahead, keep these tips in mind.

Protective Gear

When the sun shines in winter, you get the double impact of direct sunlight plus its reflection off the snow. Because the sun is lower in the sky during winter, its rays can attack your eyes at a much more harmful angle. Additional eye hazards in winter come from high winds, which can cause debris irritation and wind exposure. Look for polarized sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection to keep your eyes safe from winter’s harshest elements.


In both heated indoor spaces and the frosty out-of-doors, the air tends to be dryer in winter. Your skin is vulnerable to dehydration in the chilly months, and so are your eyes. A few precautions can counteract dry eyes. Use a humidifier in your home or office and make a habit of blinking your eyes more often if you stare at screens for long periods. Consider using appropriate eye drops like artificial tears.


Consuming extra omega-3 fatty acids during the winter will support many aspects of your health, including your eyes. Studies indicate that these healthy oils may support the meibomian glands in their production of the protective film of the eye. Consider adding cold water fish to your diet or ask your doctor about taking a supplement.

You may not tend to feel thirsty as the weather cools down, but you still need to keep hydrated. Don’t forget to maintain your recommended daily intake of water as the weather cools down.

Good Hygiene

Just as you keep your hands clean to stay healthy, be mindful of keeping your eyes free of dirt and impurities. When you wash your face, take special care to clean your eyes. Try to remember not to rub your eyes throughout the day and make it a rule not to share makeup or cosmetic utensils. And, of course, your regular eye exam is the cornerstone of good eye health.

Quality Sunglasses and Glasses to Protect Your Eyes

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