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Our Top 4 Eyewear Trends for Winter in 2023

four trending glasses frames for winter

The change in seasons is the perfect time for you to explore new eyewear looks, whether your eyeglasses are due for a prescription update or you’re simply in the mood to shake up your style. A new set of frames can give you a fresh new outlook and even enliven your social interactions. For a little inspiration, have some fun with these four eyewear trends for winter 2023.

1. Peaceful pastels

Pastel frames offer incredible versatility for just about any personality, whether you’re into soft femininity or you’re more about sassy adventurousness. They can provide a subtle eyewear look that won’t overpower your facial features. If you choose the right colour, they can also make a striking statement. Don’t be afraid to try on the entire rainbow of pastel colours to find the one best suited to your facial features and personal taste.

2. Vintage metals

From old-school aviators to vintage cat-eye frames to the round wire rims made famous by John Lennon, the metal frame draws on an esthetic of nostalgia to give you an of-the-moment eyewear look. Metallic eyewear comes in multiple colours like jewellery, so you can coordinate your glasses with your earrings, necklaces or wedding ring. For ultra-modern metallic eyewear, choose larger frames and a bolder profile.

3. Beautiful bolds

Bold frames aren’t just for extroverts. Whatever your personality, statement eyeglasses convey confidence and openness. Get playful by alternating multiple frames in statement colours like bright pink or orange. Turn heads with an eye-catching pattern like a floral or plaid. If you want boldness with a touch of sophistication, opt for a large frame in a neutral colour or classic tortoiseshell.

4. Red-hot browns

The trend toward reds and browns in eyeglass frames is turning up the heat in eyewear fashion this winter. The beauty of this mahogany moment is that your options aren’t limited to quick-change fashionista looks. Rather, reds and browns offer that splash of colour for a high-energy vibe with enough neutrality to conform to the most classic dress code. From splashy tomato red to warm chocolate brown to muted beige, the colour options are as varied as your style moods.

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