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5 Signs You Need to Visit the Optometrist for A New Prescription

woman getting an eye exam at the optometrist office

If you’re used to wearing contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses, you may not notice gradual changes in your eyesight. Vision care is not something to be taken lightly — if you’re getting by with your old prescription, you may be missing critical changes in your eye health. Here are some signs that it’s time to schedule an eye exam and see an optometrist.

1. Inaccurate vision

If you’re seeing double, an updated prescription can help bring the vision in each of your eyes back in alignment. If you’re experiencing blurred vision, it’s typically an indication that you need to update your prescription, but it may also be a symptom of cataracts. In these cases, quick attention by an optometrist is crucial.

2. Eye fatigue

Eye strain leads to fatigue and may even cause headaches. If you squint more than usual or experience aching eyes, especially later in the day, your eyes are working harder than they should. New glasses with an updated prescription can provide a world of relief to those weary eyes.

3. Light sensitivity

It’s natural to squint a little when you step out into bright sunshine because your eyes need time to adjust to the extra light. However, if you have persistent sensitivity to light — a condition called photophobia — it may be a symptom of astigmatism. Usually, a corrective prescription can help with this condition. If your light sensitivity is unrelated to astigmatism, your optometrist may recommend light-responsive lenses to help you adapt more easily to changes in light quality.

4. Night blindness

Lost or reduced vision at night can be dangerous. It’s often caused by the contrast of headlights against the darkness, where lights appear blurred with a halo surrounding them. Like light sensitivity, poor night vision may be a sign of astigmatism. Lenses with an appropriate prescription and an anti-reflective coating can help you see more clearly.

5. Body language

Beyond unclear vision and eye discomfort, your body can tell you something’s off with your current lenses. If you stretch your arm to read the instructions on that rice box, or if you need to pull the photo close to your face for a good look, you’re probably overdue for new prescription eyeglasses.

Vision Care and Quality Eyewear in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C.

Whether you’ve experienced any of these signs or simply haven’t had an eye exam in over a year, it’s time to get those peepers checked. At many of our partner stores, you can get your eyes tested and select from our wide selection of designer and luxury frames with the help of our qualified staff. Visit one of our locations today to get your prescription updated.


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