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5 Reasons Why Your Eyeglasses Are Uncomfortable or Causing You Pain

woman feeling pain from wearing glasses

Your eyeglasses should never make you feel discomfort. If they’re ill-fitting or painful to wear, you should try to determine the underlying cause. Here are five of the most common reasons why some people find their glasses aren’t as comfortable as they should be.

1. Poor frame size. One of the most common reasons for discomfort is wearing glasses with an ill-fitting frame. Eyeglasses frames that are too small or too large for your face can cause pressure or friction at certain points, resulting in pain and irritation. An optician can help spot potential pain points when you try on frames. They can also consider measurements like the width of your face, the distance between your temples and the size of your nose bridge.

2. Incorrect temple and ear fit. If the temples of your glasses are too tight or the earpieces don’t align properly with your ears, it can cause soreness and headaches. An optician can adjust the temples and earpieces to ensure a proper fit, providing comfort and alleviating pain.

3. Nose pad problems. Nose pads play a crucial role in supporting the weight of your glasses and preventing discomfort on your nose bridge. If the nose pads are too small, too hard or incorrectly adjusted, they can cause redness, indentations or even sores. An optician can examine your glasses and make necessary adjustments to enhance comfort.

4. Uneven or poorly fitting glasses. If your glasses are uneven or don't sit properly on your face, they can cause imbalanced pressure distribution. This may be due to incorrect alignment, a bent frame or unequal temple lengths. An optician can examine your glasses, make necessary adjustments and ensure they sit correctly.

5. Lens issues. An inaccurate prescription or incorrect measure of pupillary distance (PD) can lead to eye strain, headaches and discomfort while you’re wearing glasses. These measurements are crucial for ensuring that your lenses are properly aligned with your eyes.

Avoid Poorly Fitted Glasses

Buying eyeglasses online without the assistance of a licensed optician increases the risk of inaccurate measurements. Opticians are trained to measure precisely and can help ensure that your glasses provide optimal vision correction and comfort.

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